Latviešu prozas skaitītājs The Latvian Prose Counter is an interactive website that allows the user to explore various quantitative parameters of 19th and 20th century Latvian prose fiction, including counting, analysing, and visualizing various lexical and syntactical features of full texts of novels and stories, as well as analysing the statistics of publishing.

New literary works and new functionalities are regularly added to the platform.

The Latvian Prose Counter is developed by the National Library of Latvia (NLL). The texts included in the corpus have been digitized by the NLL and can be found in the Latvian National Digital Library. The morphological tagging of texts is carried out by using NLP-PIPE: Latvian NLP Tool Pipeline, developed by the AiLab of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science (University of Latvia). Data on authors and literary works that constitute the Latvian Prose Corpus are collected in collaboration with the researchers of the Institute of Literature, Folklore, and Art (University of Latvia). The analysis is conducted in the Jupyter Notebook programming environment.

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